Distribution Practice

gdpBeyond Courier and Logistics (Pty) Ltd is a leader in supply chain management. Creating systems and processes, forming strategic alliances with customers enabling them to benefit from our expertise in this environment. Beyond concentrates on offering warehouse and distribution systems tailor made for our clients as opposed to forcing them to comply with existing networks which cannot be changed. Beyond is never complacent, constantly tweaking our network to provide not only enhanced service but also reduced costs. Beyond is the industry leader on service levels, proudly averaging 99% for the past 10 years, as we do not mass market, rather concentrating on forming long term mutually beneficial relationships enabling our valued customers to utilize beyond as a competitive tool and extension of their business.

Beyond , as a South African company, realized limitations to good distribution practices (GDP) in the country , deciding to follow guidelines and certain pertaining criteria from the Health Sciences Authority (HAS) , South African Animal Health Association and recommendations from the Medicine Controls (MCC). All warehouses used will meet clients expectations, all deliveries will be executed correctly. Realizing time sensitivity and cold chain, hazardous /flammable goods controls our trained employees, models and processes, such as temperature monitoring, corrective packaging, supplier compliance, warehouse initiatives and unsurpassed i.t. systems ensure customers and customer clients can be fully confident of the successful supply chains created. Personnel are fully trained with many years of knowledge and experience, Beyonds belief of employees being an asset of the company has created minimal staff turnaround. All personnel receive initial and continuous training on all relevant related categories.

Beyond ensuring all premises, inclusive of suppliers/partners meet with the following criteria:

  • Sufficient security access
  • Separate receiving area, appropriately designed
  • Adequate storage areas
  • Leading i.t systems
  • Various products to be stored off the floor
  • Backup generators for cold storage
  • Appropriate storage and distribution conditions for hazardous, sensitive and dangerous products
  • De stuffing receiving areas
  • Correct palletization
  • Electricity, water and sanitation
  • Correct racking and shelving
  • All equipment such as forklifts, Stackers, ladders are correct
  • Packaging/packaging material is correct
  • Fine picking/packing trained employees
Upon receipt Beyond ensures each incoming shipment is checked for tampering, Labeling, weights and dimensions are double checked.
All products are adequately labeled (barcoded).
  • Stock takes take place on a monthly basis
  • Expiry dates/expired goods are discussed with the client, generally the earliest expiry first out (EEFO) system is used, or where no expiry date exists the first in first out system applies (FIFO), this is dependent on the customer’s request.
  • Specialized shipments such as cold chain or hazchem are immediately identified and correct warehousing or delivery processes used.
  • Each product is monitored throughout the supply chain, ensuring transportation in the correct vehicles.
  • Beyonds Warehouse Management System (WMS) interfaces into any client’s request (Cipro/SAP)
  • All information pertaining to the product is visible, product, weight, dimensions
  • Realizing the importance of consignee information to be correct, as this may influence deliveries negatively, Beyond constantly updates consignee lists and addresses.
  • Systems are constantly monitored and updated to customers / stock / consignees /product updates.
  • Beyond has implemented various processes concerning returns and complaints. Upon notification a full investigation is initiated.
  • Product are returned by Goods Return Note (GRN)
  • The pharmacist/responsible person investigate and conclude the outcome.
  • Beyond being an ethical, morale and principled company, will accept full responsibility should it be any fault of theirs whatsoever
All incidents are documented and recorded.
  • All damaged /soiled products are disposed of in the correct manner and as per MCC guidelines
  • Beyond conducts self-inspections and constantly monitors all systems and procedures.
  • All contractors /suppliers /partners cohere to the various criteria and compliance of the project/s.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) are created.
  • Contractors /suppliers/partners are visited and if applicable audited.
  • All Cold Chain Products (CCP’s) received are stored adequately to the various temperature controls as per product label / client instructions.
  • Temperature monitors, where applicable, are used.
  • Beyond has tested various models and procedures on CCP’s and in collaboration with customers, designed boxes that keep temperature consistent for longer , saving costs on certain delivery services and areas. Realizing that under no circumstances will service be jeopardized, piloting project and receiving customer feedback before initiation.
  • Beyond ensures that all cold room facilities have adequate and tested backup systems
  • All CCP’s are delivered in correct vehicles
  • Beyond Courier And Logistics is an ethical , morale and principled company , we have a proven 15 year track record with major pharmaceutical companies , saving costs and having unsurpassed delivery models. We offer personalized, hands on expertize, respecting and valuing all our clients.
  • All records and testimonials are available.